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City-County Library

3D Printer

City-County Library now has the 3D printer open for patrons to enjoy using

3D Printer Policy

• Cost: The cost associated with projects is based on price of material we use for printing and a standard project fee. This amount is due when picking up an item.

         o Standard ABS: $0.25 cents per gram of material + $1 bed fee + $1 processing fee

         o Flexible: $0.50 cents per gram of material + $1 bed fee + $1 processing fee

         o Specialty: $0.75 cents per gram of material + $1 bed fee + $1 processing fee

         o For large printed items we will require half of the payment upfront

                   Anything over $10 material fee is considered large (that is 40 grams of material or more)

• Research/organizational projects: Contact Marisa Webster, Library Director

• All filaments will be provided by City-County Library, no outside filament may be used in the printers.

• Files must be submitted in .stl format.

• Submitted files must be ready for printing. Staff will not modify a print file.

• Staff may reject a file if the file is not ready for printing.

• City-County Library staff reserves the right to refuse any print based on technical or content attributes.

        o Examples of content that will not be scanned or printed may include, but not limited to:

                   Content or objects that may be construed as having intent to harm.

                   Content or objects that may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a third party.

                   Content or objects that may damage the equipment during scanning or printing.

• Users agree to the following when submitting a file or using the equipment in the City-County Library:

        o By submitting content or objects, the user agrees to assume all responsibility for, and shall hold City-County Library harmless in, all matters related to patented, trademarked, or copyrighted materials.

        o City-County Library is not responsible for any damage, loss, or security of data arising from the use of its computers or equipment, nor for the functionality or quality of content produced.

        o City-County Library reserves the right to refuse the use of equipment or production of any content at any time at the discretion of City-County Library staff.

If you have any questions regarding the policies on this page, please feel free to contact Marisa Webster at or call 806.561.4050.

Check out the 3D Printer Policy Doc for further information and specifications about the 3D printer.