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How to Print in 3D

how to print using the 3D printer

How Do I Print in 3D?

1. To print a 3D object, you must first have a .STL file.

    a. You may have already created one, or you can use resources such as Thingiverse or TinkerCAD to download or create one. (See Resource page for additional assistance)

    b. Project must be 9x9x9 inches or smaller. Cannot print anything bigger.

2. Send your .STL file to Please indicate any specifications you would like, such as raft or density infill setting. Please indicate which of the following colors you would like:

    a. White, Red, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Royal Purple, Yellow, Orange, Black, Grey, Turquoise, Gold, Brown, Bronze

    b. Specialty Colors: Translucent Blue, Translucent Purple, Translucent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow, Glow in the Dark green, Glow in the Dark blue, Color Changer Sunshine

    c. NingaFlex: Violet, Sapphire, Aqua

3. Our staff will run the file through slicing and check the integrity of the file. If we find any errors that cannot easily be fixed/corrected, we will notify you to fix the file.

4. Prior to printing we will contact you with an estimate of time and price.  For large print, half of payment will be required prior to beginning print.

5. We will print your object. (Please note the bigger the object the longer to print. Only print during open hours, printer will be paused when Library is closed)

6. When your item has completed printing, we will email you to pick up item.